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Cold storage equipment
Features: system design, convenient installation, save energy and thermal insulation, complete sets of supply,automatically control, material fastidious and widely applicable.
Cold storage type: high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature, and frozen coldroom.


Cold storage

First, the cold storage is not regular gradually put food in it, after a period of time, cold storage temperature reach - 18 ℃, pick it up is also not regular time. No specific requirements to the "time", this is typical of cold storage.

Second, polyurethane body: it is the repository for polyurethane rigid foam (PU) is a sandwich, use the plastic coated steel plate and other metal materials for surface layer, to the material with excellent thermal insulation performance and good mechanical strength together. The features have convenient of assemble ways, long life time of heat preservation and insulation,simple maintain,low cost and high strength with light etc. Which is the one of best material choice of cold storage insulation.

Third, the characteristics of cold storage:

1, High performance of original refrigeration units, high efficiency and energy saving, excellent quality;

2, High efficiency evaporator;

3, Advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control method;

4, High quality of cold storage special plate, small cover area, high heat preservation performance

5, Many years of working experience in cold storage design, installation, large and efficient technology;

6, Advanced construction machinery, and installation process;

7, Professional construction team, each construction personnel have long experience in refrigeration engineering construction, go through a strict case of on-the-job training and show certificates.


Frozen cold storage

Frozen cold storage refers to food quickly by its largest ice crystals, producing area, when the average temperature of 18 ℃ and quick freezing method. Food in the freezing process can produce all kinds of changes, such as physical change (volume and thermal conductivity, specific heat, dry consumption changes, etc.), chemical changes (protein denaturation, color change, etc.), tissue and biological and microbial changes, etc. The characteristics of quick frozen food is maximally keep the original nutritional value and flavor food. That is to say, must make the pledge that we make in the process of frozen food what happened to the various changes of reversibility.

Quick freeze food has the following advantages:

(1) avoid between cells generate large ice crystals

(2) reduce the moisture in cells, thaw less juice loss

(3)cut food quickly to microbial growth temperature, good resistance to microbial growth And its biochemical reactions

(4) cut food quickly to microbial growth temperature, good resistance to the growth of microorganism and its biochemical reactions

(5) food short residence time in the frozen equipment, improve equipment utilization and continuity of production

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