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The development of cold chain logistics in China

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It is understood that in the process of modern circulation of agricultural products, "flow", "information flow" and "cold chain logistics" the composition of the three flow will no doubt "agricultural prices rise and fall of the necessary conditions. We in order to better, more scientific, more for a long time to promote the "cold chain logistics industry in China towards a healthy and orderly progress! To do this, between countries, enterprises and individuals should emphasis on the proposed "three flow project", namely "flow", "information flow" and "cold chain logistics". To strengthen these data in the field of monitoring and rational layout, from the "functional purpose", "quality" and "quantity" to strengthen the cold storage project filing system of examination and approval, long-term supervision, especially in different stages of the goods in and out, according to the data and the control of information and transparency.

One, from "for, hoarding, needs three yuan interaction" set out to break the cold chain industry information asymmetry

Do cold chain is the livelihood of the people, improve the circulation of agricultural products as the main modern cold chain logistics industry, must break through the traditional "two yuan restriction theory of supply and demand," the idea of limitations. Proved in the field of agricultural products, with low temperature storage equipment introduction of modernization, the traditional economy relies on the "zero inventory or short inventory" of "two yuan for? Restriction theory" has been gradually turn into "for hoarding? Need to ternary interaction", to achieve balance between supply and demand, price stability, guarantee the goal of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, state must value between interests and quantity balance, the most important is to make the cold chain logistics resources reasonable layout, institutionalized management, to break the information asymmetry.

It is understood that the current domestic five big "cold chain logistics business model," the five big business model may be in the next five to 10 years of market competition gradually, the birth of a more efficient new pattern. According to the survey, the current existing cold chain enterprise in our country, especially in cold chain storage enterprise existence and development of basically has the following five kinds of mode, relying on the door and door model respectively, relying on wholesale market-oriented refrigerator, refrigerator has its own terminal supermarket cold chain distribution center, relying on the leading producer of agricultural products cold storage type refrigerator, state-owned strategic reserves. Each have pros and cons of the five kinds of patterns and in the process of the cold chain logistics development of China's future, they will each other in a period of time, the benefit. Distinguish the five kinds of mode, be helpful for our further understanding of our industry, to find suitable for their own development direction, to avoid "an investment boom and on into the low homogeneity space" trigger a vicious competition.

Second, identify five kind of existence and development of cold chain industry pattern to avoid vicious competition

First of all from the revenue model and management advantages of each different.

First, relying on the door and door refrigerator revenue model is mainly for foreign leasing, paid logistics distribution, refrigerator operating advantages mainly concentrated in the construction of the modern shelf type refrigerator maintenance, cold chain logistics, fully enclosed management and business of cross-industry big customers.

Second, relying on the wholesale market-oriented refrigerator revenue model is mainly for the refrigerator external rental shops, the rolls for loading and unloading service provision, and trading business advantage mainly focus on the introduction of the primary channel wholesalers, market cultivation and management, the overall brand and marketing strategy, shops and cold storage multi-function facilities maintenance, etc.

Third, relying on the terminal type cold chain supermarket distribution center of revenue model is mainly for proprietary retail facilities, management advantages mainly concentrated in the city terminal stores chain strategic expansion and store management, channel control, overall marketing strategy, they rely on good shopping environment and low-cost, many varieties advantage has a large number of terminal consumers.

Fourth, has its own agricultural producers of cold storage revenue model is mainly for foreign leasing, the refrigerator is located in the advantages of agricultural producers, can directly for the local farmers and buyers around the nearby service is its main business advantage.

Fifth, the revenue model of state-owned strategic reserve type cold storage major leasing and for the government special allowance. Operating advantages mainly for the central and local governments to the project examination and approval, site selection, construction, operation and tax subsidies, water and electricity energy, development of preferential policies.

Secondly the five kinds of mode is not the same as the degree of industry facing the pressure of competition.

First, depends on the refrigerator door and door are affected by the pressure of competition is relatively small. On the one hand, because of its large and medium-sized brand customers for more cross-industry enterprise (such as food processing and pharmaceutical companies, etc.), such a big customer for cold storage hardware and software is more demanding, namely "high threshold" cooperation, effectively resist the point "malignant low-quality competition". On the other hand, such cooperation often has strong strategic complementarities with stability, cooperation once, the two sides can form long-term and stable relationship. Combined with the revenue model of this business form is limited, so this kind of "high threshold, low profit" cold-chain logistics form is not for the domestic and foreign investors, the pressure of competition is relatively small.

Second, relying on wholesale market-oriented refrigerator at present by the pressure of competition is the largest. Main reason of this kind of business model is one of relatively high income, target customer requirements for hardware and software "threshold" is relatively low (especially for refinement and thoroughly, automation control system of cold chain distribution requirements low). Followed by inviting "project joint efficiency (i.e., activating a market can bring economic hot lap)" and "investor optimism about future earnings expansion" to this kind of investment business model rising year by year. The third reason is that the "local demolition and reconstruction of old market" brought about by the historical opportunity of industry "latecomers" is easier to find "the former" is not enough, and with the aid of opportunities using new thinking, new district, the new equipment, new design more than the former. The fourth reason is that the cold storage projects relying on the "customer groups (i.e., channel wholesalers)" itself has a large "uncertainty". As the pursue benefit maximization, wholesalers often with preferential policies "size" as the yardstick, the move from one side to tend to competitors.

Third, its own terminal supermarket type cold chain distribution center by the pressure of competition is minimal. The main reason is that the supermarket cold chain distribution center for supermarket within the system resources. Stores a strong terminal sales ability, stable goods fast turnaround and abundant cash flow effectively guarantee the benign operation of the supermarket chain distribution center. "Relatives at supermarket stores this type of users" as the backing, supermarket chain distribution center can circumvent the risk of many competition from the outside world, can build libraries in suburban low-cost land, then rest assured bold since the refrigerated motorcade, the connection with the dot, with quad surface, into, can use the identity of the third party logistics business, a setback, self-sufficient internal supply.

Fourth, relying on the leading producer of agricultural products cold storage are affected by the pressure of competition in a state of flux. The main reason is that many of them as "agricultural hype" refrigerator, cold storage more built for private, small scale, low technical content, much less intensive management and administration. The number of these libraries and tonnage is already beyond the local actual demand, once the hot money, speculators, the inferiority is the same type will appear areas empty refrigerator.

Fifth, state-owned strategic reserve type cold storage because of its state-owned or collective-owned properties, and its bearing special strategic, less involved in market competition.

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